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Hatch Types, Product Folders And Downloads

In addition to manual operation, all hatches can be electrically operated, which means that the hatch can be automated, for example.Hand operated hatches are e.g. W-182-KU with electricity working W-182-EU

Hatch Types

Examples of our Products in Production. We also make special hatches that differ from standard production, so call or send us a question by email. We implement almost anything, from the smallest projects to e.g. reception doors, terrace glazing to even the largest implementations.

W-182-KS is a Hand Operated upward-opening Inner hatch.

W-192-KU is a Manual Side Sliding Exterior Hatch.

W-292-ES is an electrically operated side-sliding inner hatch.


W-182-KU is a manual upward opening hatch.

Product folder

VP hatches | Product folders for hatches for architects and designers

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.dwg file folders

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