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This is how we fulfill your order



The frame of the hatches is an aluminum profile. The surface treatment is anodizing normally to a natural color, other colors on order, or heat painting according to the RAL color chart. The dimensions of the inner hatch are 40 X 77 mm and the outer hatch 50 X 100 mm. The inner hatch is suitable for combining with the Foga System and the outer hatch with Purso profiles.


The glazing of the interior hatches is standard 3+3 mm laminated clear safety glass. Other glass options are also available. The exterior hatches are glazed with 2k3-9 insulating glass as standard. Other glass options are also available, in which case the total thickness can normally be a maximum of 17 mm.

Aluminum profile frame


The lifting glass of vertically opening hatches moves silently and lightly with the help of a counterweight mechanism. Horizontally sliding hatches have sliding pins in the smaller ones and wheels in the larger ones. Electrically operated hatches work with low voltage, whose power source takes its power from the mains, and the hatch works with +12Vdc / +24Vdc voltage.


As standard equipment, all service hatches are equipped with an Abloy lock. Ask more about other options.


Service hatches can be fixed according to the surrounding structure with screws, strips or different fixing compounds; however, polyurethane foam attachment is not recommended. Installation may be part of the order according to a different agreement.


According to the customer's request, we also manufacture special service hatches with e.g. glazing, surface treatment or other finishing that differs from standard production. Special hatches are e.g. bulletproof hatches, fire hatches...


We grant our service hatches a two-year warranty*

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